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Blood Donor Program:

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The William Beaumont Army Medical Center is home to the Armed Services Blood Program at Fort Bliss. This blood program is an integral part of collecting and distributing blood products in support of Overseas Contingency Operations and other missions worldwide.


To provide quality blood products and services for all worldwide customers in peace and war.


To be a preeminent quality, cost effective blood system providing blood products and services wherever and whenever needed.

Apheresis Program:

Apheresis is a unique blood donation process that allows a donor to give specific blood components. Two of these components collected on Fort Bliss are platelets and plasma. Blood programs throughout the world are in constant need for both components. Platelets are in higher demand because of their extremely short life (5 days). Plasma, most critically from AB blood types, is in demand for its universal use in any patient. The apheresis procedure takes up to 2 hours. Donors will receive their red blood cells back during the process, which will prevent weakness and reduce donor recovery time. Donors can donate platelets up to 24 times per year and donate plasma as frequently as every 30 days.

DoD Bone Marrow Program:

The William Beaumont Donor Center is a collection center for the CW Bill Young Bone Marrow program. Thousands of patients with life-threatening diseases are waiting for bone marrow transplants. Patients and donors must have matching tissue types for patients to receive bone marrow. A small a swab is collected, from the mouth. It is then typed and placed on a national database. Most matches are found among people with a similar ethnicity. The Department of Defense and the National Bone Marrow Program cooperate to increase the national database of potential marrow donors. Registration in the program requires a five-minute history and small tube of blood. 

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