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Health Services

Army Public Nursing, Nursing Programs

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24-Hour MHS Nurse Advice Line Call 1-800-TRICARE, Option 1 and talk to a registered nurse who can:
  • Answer your urgent care or non-emergency questions
  • Give you health care advice
  • Help you find a doctor
  • Schedule next-day appointments at military hospitals and clinics
Member of the health care team actively assisting our soldiers to always be fit to fight and our beneficiaries to maintain optimal health!


  • Prevent the spread of diseases through awareness education, timely and efficient assessment, treatment, counseling and appropriate follow-up
  • Educate child care providers on pertinent communicable diseases, treatment modalities and how to safely deliver medications using the 6 rights to better serve their population
  • Report all infectious diseases to proper reporting authorities
  • Assist pregnant soldiers and baby in maintaining optimal health with quick return to pre-pregnancy physical strength


  • Ensuring early assessment, treatment, counseling and timely follow-up after diagnosis of sexually transmitted disease to include HIV
  • Decrease the spread of Tuberculosis by:
    1. Appropriately screen for Tuberculosis (TB) and recognize latent TB infections and active cases in a timely manner
    2. Complete contact investigations and initial assessments on all reactive Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)
    3. Correctly identify and initiating treatment for those patients who are at highest risk for Tuberculosis
  • Provide annual and as needed training to Child and Youth Services Personnel in the area of medication administration, communicable diseases, sudden infant death syndrome, blood-borne pathogens, disease processes and treatment therapies
  • Provide Tobacco Cessation classes tailored to the needs of the population with flexible counseling schedules, medication refills and follow-up
  • Provide FUN pregnancy fitness program

Army Public Health Nursing Programs

  • Child Services
  • Health Promotion Classes

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915-742-1343 or
Appointment line: 915-742-2273

TRICARE Nurse Advice Line:​ 1-800-874-2273 Option 1

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