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Bio Research Services (BRS)

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Provide WBAMC Staff with opportunities, technical support, and administration for biomedical research and training, using appropriate animal models while ensuring humane animal care and use.


  1. AAALAC-I Accredited Animal Care and Use Program
  2. Staff: Attending Veterinarian & Technicians
  3. Animal housing: Rodents, Rabbits, Swine
  4. Facilities: Surgical suites / Hyperbaric chamber / Radiology

All animal research at WBAMC is performed strictly under an Animal Research Protocol, approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Life Cycle of an Animal Research Protocol

  1. Research question of clinical benefit to the Warfighter
  2. Refinement of question and approach thru discussion with clinical mentors and subject matter experts
  3. Protocol development through consultation with the Attending Veterinarian: choice of an appropriate animal model and literature search for duplication and alternatives
  4. Consultation with Statistician
  5. Apply the three R’S:
    • Reduction
    • Refinement
    • Replacement
  6. Protocol Submission to the IACUC, incorporation of revisions
  7. Approval of Animal Use Protocol
  8. Protocol Execution and Documentation
  9. Reporting of Results in peer-reviewed scientific publications

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