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Well Woman Exam

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  • Well Woman exam is an evaluation of your health as a woman.
  • It is done every year.
  • There are three parts to a Well Woman appointment:
  • 1. History
    2. Examination, Labs
    3. Discussion of health care / maintenance issues
  • You may schedule a Well Woman's Exam by contacting the clinic at (915) 742-CARE (2273) Selecting Option 3 for Clinical Services, then Option 6 for Specialty Care, then Option 3 for Women's Health Services

Your Preparation for your Well Woman's Appointment

  • If you have any chronic medical problems, make sure you list all the medications that you are taking—those that are prescribed as well as bought over-the-counter.
  • Write down any concerns that you have regarding your female health to discuss it with your provider.
  • Nothing in the vagina (sexual intercourse or douching) for 48 hours before your Well Woman's appointment.

Day of your Well Woman's Appointment

  • Accurately fill out the questionnaire about your overall health and your female health.
  • "What if I’m having my period!" You can still keep this
    appointment. The new Pap smear technology allow your provider to perform a Pap smear even if you are menstruating. However, if the bleeding is heavy, please call to reschedule your appointment.

Before the Physical Exam

  • You and your provider can discuss issues / concerns that you have regarding your women’s health status.
  • Before the exam, you and your provider can discuss if you wish to get screening tests for sexually transmitted infection. (gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomonas, Syphillis, HIV, Hepatitis)

The Physical Exam

  • Bladder should be relatively empty
  • Heart, lungs, abdomen examination
  • Breast exam
  • Pelvic exam - Pap smear and screening for cervix / vaginal infections

Tests are done depending on your age, health status, pelvic exam result and family history.

  • Your provider may order Mammogram, testing for cholesterol level, thyroid, anemia, and / or diabetes.
  • These tests are done appropriately according to national screening guidelines.
  • If there are any gynecologic or pre-conceptual (planning for pregnancy) issues, your CTMC provider will place a consult for you to speak to an OB/GYN provider at WBAMC.

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