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Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)

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Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) Clinic


Provide a timely, efficient Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) process. Promote a Soldier and Family-centered environment where all information and resources are readily available. Establish a shared goal, focusing on Soldiers’ return to duty (RTD) or their successful transition to Veteran life.

IDES Brief Resources

The IDES Introductory Brief is held every Thursday at 0900, located in the MEB Clinic, Building 11280. Those being referred into the IDES will be scheduled to attend.

IDES Process Tools

IDES Timeline

List of references applicable to the IDES process:

  • AR 40-501
  • AR 635-40
  • AR DODI 1332.18
  • AR 635-8
  • AR 40-400

The Soldier IDES Dashboard is located in AKO under “My MEB” in the Medical Readiness tab and provides a means to track the individual’s IDES process. It may also be accessed at:

Commander's IDES Dashboard

The Commander's IDES Dashboard is located at the following link:

Please follow the provided instructions to gain access to the Commander’s IDES Dashboard (reserved for Command Teams and special staff, e.g. medical support staff)

IDES Dashboard Instructions


May I take leave during the IDES process?

Yes, but it must be cleared with your PEBLO so it does not conflict with scheduled appointments. Leave is discouraged during the MEB Phase (first 100 days), unless on an emergency basis. Leave may be taken during the PEB Phase (120 days) as long as coordination with your PEBLO takes place.

Can I get surgery before, during, or after the IDES process?

According to MEDCOM Policy, optional surgical procedures, or those whose beneficial outcome is uncertain and those which may be performed at a later time without diminishing their effectiveness, will not be performed while a Soldier is in IDES due to the potential to delay the Soldier’s return to duty or completion of the disability evaluation. Soldiers will not be prevented from receiving necessary healthcare/a surgical procedure if it is reasonably expected to provide prompt relief of significant pain or disability, or if those procedures are already part of the normal plan of care for the conditions that led to the Soldier entering IDES.

Do I have to be in uniform for appointments at IDES?

Yes, all active duty/activated reserve Soldiers must be in duty uniform, unless in an approved leave status or with an approved profile

How does the IDES/MEB process start?

Soldiers with medical conditions that do not meet medical retention standards according to AR 40-501 may be given a P3 (permanent) profile by their primary care physician or a specialty care physician. Once a P3 is written, it will be reviewed by the MEB Approving Authority (a physician designated by the Hospital Commander), and the MEB Clinic will contact the Soldier to start to process.

How do I complete my transition out of the Army once the IDES determines I will be separated for medical reasons?

During the PEB Phase, you will receive a preliminary memo that determines if you are “unfit” for continued military service. At that time, a Human Resources Assistant from the Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) will contact you and assist in collecting the necessary documents to begin the transition process. The process will be finalized once the final separation notice is received from the Physical Disability Agency (PDA).

IDES Concerns

Any patient concerns will be addressed by the following:

  1. At the lowest level, the PEBLO can address any Patient concerns
  2. If the PEBLO cannot resolve the concern, it may be elevated to the Team Supervisory PEBLO
  3. After the Team Supervisory PEBLO, the Chief Supervisory PEBLO or IDES Administrative OIC may be contacted
  4. Concerns that cannot be resolved by Administrative Management may be elevated to the Clinical Director
  5. Concerns that cannot be resolved at the level of the IDES Clinic may be elevated to the Hospital Chain of Command

Please call the clinic at: 915-742-5071 / 8095 to schedule an appointment with the right point of contact. A suggestion box is located at the clinic, or the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system is available for any feedback.

Contact Us


915-742-5071 or 8095 or 
Appointment line: 915-742-2273
TRICARE Nurse Advice Line:​ 1-800-874-2273


Monday-Wednesday, Friday: 0800-1600
Thursday: 0800-1200; 1300-1600 by Appointment Only
Closed on all Federal Holidays


Bldg. 11280 SGT C. Thomas Street
East Fort Bliss
Front Desk: 915-742-5071 / 8095

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18511 Highland Medics Street,
El Paso, Texas 79918
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