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Operative Vaginal Delivery

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Operative Vaginal Delivery

Operative vaginal delivery is delivery of the baby with Forceps or Vacuum.

  • These procedures are reserved for specific obstetrical circumstances:
    • Mother is unable to expel the baby because of fatigue.
    • Certain medical conditions that make pushing dangerous to your health
    • Your baby’s heart rate is non-reassuring (the Provider is concern that the baby may not be getting enough oxygen)
  • At the very least, your cervix must be fully dilated (10 centimeters) and the baby’s head must be low enough on the pelvic floor to qualify for operative vaginal delivery
  • Each of these procedures have their unique set of risks, advantages, and indications. Neither one is superior to another and the choice will be determined by the delivering physician.
  • Your Provider will discuss with you in detail if there is a need for operative vaginal delivery in your labor course.

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