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Civilian Emergencies/Trauma

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WBAMC serves as a trauma unit for the El Paso region. To prevent undue suffering or loss of life, any person brought to the emergency room for treatment is provided emergency care. With the exception of civilian trauma patients, ineligible beneficiaries (those patients not authorized care in a military medical treatment facility) are treated only during the period of the emergency. In accordance with AR 40-400, the attending physician will discharge/transfer non-beneficiary patients as soon as they are stabilized. Patients must sign a payment agreement.

If you are brought to WBAMC as a civilian emergency, you will be billed at the full reimbursable rate for services. Along with the bill, a worksheet is provided so that the patient may provide any insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid information. If you are a crime victim you may be eligible for assistance through your State. More information regarding crime victim assistance is provided at the links below. Crime victim status may be verified over the phone by the WBAMC Treasurer’s office at (915) 742-5407. You will need your crime victim number when you call.

It is imperative that the information from the Civilian Emergency Worksheet is provided in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary charges to the patient’s account. The worksheet is also available at the link provided below. You may mail the worksheet or bring it to the WBAMC Treasurer’s office. All unpaid accounts are transferred to DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service.) for collection after 90 days unless payment arrangements are made. If one payment is missed, you will be considered in default of the payment agreement and the account will transferred to DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service.) for collection.

If you have any further questions about civilian emergencies or your account please call (915) 742-2159 or stop by the WBAMC Treasurer’s Office on the third floor of the main building room 3-240. and we would be glad to assist you.

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