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Medical Records

new hospital front panoramic imageTo most, it would seem that Medical Records is one big department.  Actually, it I made up of many smaller departments, each with a specialty.  Some examples are Correspondence/Release of Information, Out-Patient records, In-Patient records and Coding.  Please see the information below on which department you need to contact for your medical records needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I request my medical records?

Medical Records from WBAMC can be requested though our Correspondence/Request Records tab here:
When you want records from another facility, you need to contact that facility to see what their process is.

What if I need images of my x-rays, CT Scans, Etc?

Images have to be put on to disks.  In order to get your images, you will need to contact the Department of Radiology on the 3rd floor of WBAMC, and are open 0900 to 1500.  You can call them at 915-742-2866 or 2532.

Does WBAMC release dental records?

We do not.  You need to contact your dental provider to find how to obtain those records.

Do I need to give WBAMC Records copies of records from my outside doctor?

Not necessarily.  Outside providers that you are referred to send your records back to us via the Referral Management office.  It just may take a little time.

If WBAMC did not send you to the facility you were treated at and you want those records in your WBAMC chart, you need to contact your provider to review those records before they go in your chart. 
Questions regarding this process can be addressed by the Outpatient Records office, currently on the 3rd floor of the original WBAMC building.  Their Open Office Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 0700 to 1400.  You can also call:  915-742-2641, or fax 915-742 4099.

What do I do if I am moving from Duty station to Duty Station? 

If you are a medical records professional from another Military Treatment Facility and you are requesting medical records for another active duty service member, then please follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure DD Form 877 is filled out as much as possible as in the sample provided.
  • DD 877 Example
  • If the patient is not active duty, but rather a dependent, or veteran, we will need a copy of their driver’s license to accompany the DD877.
  • Please email to and ensure you encrypt. We will not accept emails that are not encrypted.
If you already PCS’d from Fort Bliss and are requesting your entire medical record, please ensure your current MTF follows these guidelines, OR you can go back to the homepage and try to request them yourself from the “Request copies of your medical records” link.

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