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The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide housing, community support, and personnel services to families with special needs. The EFMP is a Department of the Army program which functions under the provisions of Army Regulation AR 608-75. It is designed to assist active-duty personnel during assignments/reassignments sponsoring exceptional family members (EFM) with special physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual needs. In a dual military family, both Soldiers must be enrolled. Enrollment is based upon the medical and education requirements of family members of active duty personnel. Enrollment updates are required every three years or if the condition changes.

EFMP Medical Support Team Responsibility

Active Duty Soldier

  • Responsible to enroll, update, or disenrollment EFM as needed based on diagnosis or condition
  • Update EFMP forms every 3 years at a minimum (failure to do so will incur suspension of favorable actions by Command per AR 608-75 and risk assignment to unaccompanied tour).
  • Verify that all EFMP forms are completed/signed and submitted.

Primary Care Manager (PCM)

  • Screen Family members (adults and children) for enroll able diagnosis during routine health care appointments.
  • Complete all overseas physicals
  • Complete and/or update required forms with sponsor, spouse or patient of EFM as required.

Case Coordinator

  • Ensure DD2792 has been completed by a physician for each family member with an eligible condition
  • Ensure DD2792-1 has been completed by EIS/School and has a current ISFP or IEP.

EFMP Physician

  • Provide medical oversight for EFMP
  • Ensure eligible EFMs are coded
  • Establish policies to ensure effective screening, identification, and referral for enrollment
  • Conducts all overseas screening and signs all DA5888s


Below you will find a check list that you will need to have done enroll/update/disenrollment of your EFMP status.  “Dependents must reside in the Fort Bliss or El Paso Region for processing of all EFMP paperwork”.  Please DO NOT sign/date any forms until the provider/school has completed them, which is to indicate to us that you have read and agree to what is stated on the forms.  After reading them you may sign/date line 9a-9c page 3 of DD2792 and on DD2792-1 page 2 line 7a-7d, page 3 9a-9d. Remember if the patient is over the age of 18 years of age they have to sign their own forms.  Once all signatures are completed please submit to the email below:    

New Medical Enrollment

 For new enrollment please provide the Primary Care Manager (PCM) with DD 2792 to address all enroll able diagnosis.

Update Medical Enrollment

Please contact the EFMP office to obtain a EFMP Summary and supporting documents for the PCM to address existing and all new diagnosis.

All Educational Enrollment

DD 2792-1 if:

  • Birth – 3 yrs.’  have or requires an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
  • 3-21 yrs.’ have or require and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
DD2792-1 is completed by EIS or School personal.  All completed DD2792-1 must be accompanied with a current ISFP/IEP (will NOT except expired ISFP/IEP).
Disenrollment: Disenrollment of EFMP please contact EFMP office for all guidance.

Enrollment/Update/Disenrollment Forms: DD 2792   (Medical, Speech, OT, ABA and all other service being completed through Tricare)

Click here to download form dd2792.pdf

DD2792-1  (School accompanied with a current IEP or IFSP)

Click here to download form dd2792-1.pdf


Overseas Screening

Overseas screening is mandatory for all family members going Oconus/Overseas. Overseas screening can take anywhere from 6 weeks to longer.

Overseas screening is on a first come, first served basis.

Below is a check list that is required for an Overseas Screening.
Best when viewed on Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Click here to download Oconus Prescreen Information Sheet + DA 7246 (Per Family)

Click here to download HIPAA Form per dependent (this is page 2 only of the DD2792).

Click here to download 1 Memorandum for Regional Health Command Europe only if going to Germany

Click here to download if pregnant, you will need a prefilled Pregnancy DD2792.  Note you may not travel after 34weeks.

Current annual physical information for each dependent within the last 12 months.

Last 5 years of medical records for each dependent (only records of medical care done off-post must be submitted, to include the annual physical).


Forms for Overseas Screening

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 1 year old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 2 months old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 2 years old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 3 years old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 4 months old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 4 years old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 5 years old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 6 months old.pdf (Per Family Member)

Click here to download Overseas Form for Children 8 months old.pdf (Per Family Member)


Additional Information

Please visit Us Army Medical Department EFMP website:

Contact Us

If you have any questions for the local EFMP Medical staff please: 

Contact Us


915-742-3715 (has reliable voicemail)
By T-Con: (messages left though the call center 915-742-2273)


07:00 AM - 16:00 PM

Front Desk Hours

Open Only on Tuesday and Thursday
from 0900-1100 for Overseas Packet Drop Off

Please call to make appointment for all other EFMP paperwork.
All Compassionate Packets please call for guidance.


Mendoza Medical Clinic
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Ft. Bliss, Tx, 79918

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Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.